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Black Rhino



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Circus Vargas

Circus Vargas

Performance at Circus Vargas (Picture by Nikolai Kolya ©2012)


Yoji In Film

Happy Bearded Dragon Enjoying His New Home!!!!!!



Art By Nikolai Kolya Hicker ©2012

My Bearded Dragon “Yoji”

I made a short video of my new Bearded Dragon. His name is Yoji and here he is!!!

Bearded Dragon

Search For a New Reptile

For the past five years, I owned six leopard geckos and I learned a lot about how to take care of them. They were happy and healthy creatures because I knew how to take care of them. But, I had to go to college so, I gave them away to my biology teacher just to keep them in class so that students can also enjoy them. Now that I am in college and found my own place, I am looking for a new reptile, possibly a Leopard Gecko again just because I know how to take care of them. But, I am also thinking about Corn Snake. I think they are pretty cool pets also!! Here are some of top 10 pets.

Here are few shots of my old Geckos

Picture of a Leopard Gecko

Hiding Gecko, (Picture by Nikolai Kolya Hicker ©2012)

Leopard Gecko with a flower on his back

Leopard Gecko posing for the shoot, (Picture by Nikolai Kolya Hicker ©2012)

Picture of a Gecko going through the apple

Hungry Gecko crawls through the apple, (Picture by Nikolai Kolya Hicker ©2012)


The Metamorphosis: My Review

The MetamorphosisThe Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“When Gregor Samsa awoke from troubled dreams one morning, he found that he had been transformed in his bad into an enormous bug”. The first sentence made me pause and think about why a bug. The Metamorphosis book is a book that I will remember for a long time for its insanity and life confusion. I don’t know if I like it more than disliked it because there were times when I was so confused that I really didn’t want to read it again, but I did. Transformation is the theme of the book and we all at some point transform in to a different person. Every year we grow and transform little by little into someone who is well mannered and educated. I felt connected with The Metamorphosis because it made me remember of times when I was back in Russia living with mother who didn’t work. As an oldest son I had to babysit my brother and sister. I had to go to school, go fishing and sometimes gather mushrooms and other addable things that grow in forest. Gregor Samsa worked hard to keep roof over his family head. His family depended on him because they didn’t work. Gregor was everything for them but the transformation in to a bug changed everything, just like it did for my mother when I was forced to leave her. I can only imagine how my mother felt probably just like Gregor’s family did, they moved on and transformed in to different people.

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4th of July

On The West Beach in Santa Barbara, there were probably 100 thousand or more people came to see beautiful fireworks. This was my first year in Santa Barbara on the 4th of July and by far the best fireworks I’ve ever seen. Here are some of the pictures that I shot!!




I collected old toy cars just to take pictures of them!! I tried to make them look real.



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